Using frontmatter-markdown-loader with Nuxt.js in Vue component mode

A quick update to the site allows for a few more options.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was having trouble using frontmatter-markdown-loader with Vue component mode. Every time I tried, I would get errors like "Cannot stringify a function render" and "Call stack size exceeded."

I searched the repository issue history and eventually found the answer, which is that Nuxt's asyncData function cannot be used with Vue component mode, because the asyncData function tries to stringify every property returned, and Vue component mode returns functions as a part of the component returned. The solution for now is to use the normal data function and then set up properties in created. Replace asyncData with the following:

data() {
  return {
    post: null,
    title: null,
    description: null
created() {
  const markdown = require(`~/assets/content/writing/${this.$route.params.writing}.md`); = markdown.vue.component;
  this.title = markdown.attributes.title;
  this.description = markdown.attributes.description;

And in your nuxt.config.js, update the following:

import FMMode from 'frontmatter-markdown-loader/mode';
  test: /\.md/,
  loader: 'frontmatter-markdown-loader',
  options: {
    mode: [FMMode.VUE_COMPONENT],
    vue: {
      root: 'markdown-body'

You don't need to set the vue property if you don't want to set a class on the wrapper of your code elements, but I found it helpful for styling purposes.

Issue #2—Handlebars Templates

After I set this up, I found that there was another issue where code blocks that contained handlebars templates would actually try to read them as if they were Vue template code. For example:

{{ }}

This would fail as attributes was not yet defined. I logged an issue and hmsk resolved it within just two days, allowing me to publish this now. Thanks, hmsk!

Moving Images to the Assets Folder

Now that Vue component mode is working, image URLs in my Markdown files are also getting transformed by webpack, so I can simply change the reference from my static folder:


To my assets folder:


This not only allows me to organize my images closer to the articles that they are used in, but makes it possible to use something like nuxt-responsive-loader to automatically generate and use different sizes of images within my Markdown-based posts.